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Apartments Römer
Harscheidweg 89
45149 Essen

Phone: +49 (0) 201 - 71 20 96

House Rules / General Conditions

General information

Welcome at Römer Holiday Apartments

Dear guests:
We are delighted that you have chosen our holiday apartment and welcome you.
Our apartment was recently renovated and furnished with love for you, so you will hopefully feel at home and enjoy your stay with us.
If you miss anything in the apartment or if you need help, you can confidently turn to us. This is the only way to resolve any deficiencies quickly.
All facilities that are in the house or belong to it can and should be used by our guests. However, please treat all furnishment and inventory with care.

We wish you a pleasant stay, have lots of fun, relax and rest, and we hope that we can contribute to your well-being.

By booking the apartment you accept the following House Rules.
If you have any queries, we are of course always at your disposal.

Yours cordially,
Katharina Römer-Reinhardt


House Rules / General Conditions V2018

Our holiday apartments are non-smoking apartments.
We therefore ask you NOT to smoke in the apartment. Thank you very much.

Arrival and departure

Please let us know your estimated time of arrival a few days in advance. The keys are handed over by individual arrangement.
The apartment must generally be left until 10:00 am on your departure day (exceptions by individual agreement).
Arrival time should be no later than 8:00 pm.

All used dishes must be washed and stored in the cabinets.
Do not strip the beds. Please leave all used towels in a heap on the floor.


Do not dispose of any hygiene products, wastes, food, harmful liquids, grease etc. in the toilet or shower as this can congest the drains. Please use the facilities that are provided in the apartment.


Nobody deliberately damages goods, but it can happen to anyone that something breaks down or is damaged. If this should happen, please be sure to inform us immediately of the damage so that we can arrange the repair and not find this out after your departure at the final cleaning.

Guests are liable for damage in the amount of the replacement cost.

Bed linens

We provide linens for the duration of your stay. You need not strip the beds before your departure.


The complete rental fee is payable by bank transfer one week before moving into the apartment. If a deposit has been paid, this will of course be deducted and only the balance is to be paid.


By paying the deposit your apartment is firmly booked and the booking is binding. At the same time you accept our House Rules / General Conditions and cancellation policies.


Extra blankets are available in the apartment. These are dedicated only for the in-house area and we ask you not to use them as picnic blankets.

Final cleaning

The costs of final cleaning are, unless otherwise agreed, paid with the rental fee. They are calculated on a normal cleaning process. The apartment must be left tidy on departure, dishes washed and stored (see "arrival and departure"), the garbage should be segregated (see "garbage").f extreme contamination still persists at your departure, extra cleaning will be billed at cost.


The landlord is not liable for valuables of the guests.


We provide the towels for the duration of your stay. Please leave used towels on the floor at your departure.

Householder’s rights

In some circumstances (occurs very rarely) it may be necessary that the landlord has to enter the apartment without the knowledge of the guest.


Animals are not allowed in the apartment.

Internet / Wi-Fi

Free internet access (W-LAN) is available in the apartment. Please ask us for the access code.

Travel cot / high chair for infants

A travel cot including linens and a high chair for infants can be provided upon request at 10 € per overnight stay.


Please treat the kitchen furniture and the technical facilities with care.

Please use the short dishwasher program if the dishwasher is not fully loaded.
Please put dishes into the cabinets only in clean condition. The same applies to cutlery, pots and equipment that you have used.

Do not dispose of waste, food scraps, harmful liquids, fats etc. in the sink as otherwise this can lead to unpleasant congestion.


In cases of repeated breach of the rental conditions the landlord may terminate the lease unilaterally and the guest has to leave the apartment immediately. In this case the guest is not entitled for refund of the rental fee.


To avoid mould formation we ask you to ventilate the apartment adequately.


Since we are obliged to waste segregation, we ask you to support us.

The waste must be separated according to:

  • Yellow bin (packaging material with the green dot, no leftovers)
  • Paper
  • Residual waste (food scraps, everything that does not fall within the first two categories)

Please dispose of used glass autonomously. You find glass containers at many public places.
Reusable and deposit bottles should be independently returned where you purchased them.


Water, electricity, heating and waste are, unless otherwise agreed, included in the rent. These costs are calculated for normal consumption. If they should be unusually higher than average, the landlord reserves the right to make a readjustment.


There are public parking spaces in the immediate vicinity.

Price reduction

In case of a short-term loss of home furnishings, public utilities or force majeure you are not entitled to a price reduction. Deficiencies in the apartment must be immediately communicated to the landlord. The guest grants the landlord a reasonable time to remedy the deficiencies.
Subsequent complaints will not be accepted and cannot be compensated.


Smoking is prohibited in our apartment. Damage such as burn marks and holes in or on furniture, floor, linens, tablecloths etc. will be invoiced at the replacement value.
Smoking is allowed on the balcony or in the garden. Please dispose of the remains not on the property, but in the ashtray and later in the residual waste.


If a mishaps should occur to you (extreme dirt, liquids on the floor or on worktops), please remove it immediately. Brooms, dustpan, mop and bucket are available.
All used dishes should be washed and stored clean in the cabinets.

Rest periods

The apartment is located in a purely residential area. In the spirit of good neighbourliness, we ask you to keep the public rest times like lunch, night and Sunday rest. Also in the apartment itself a rest period should be kept between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.


Please preserve the apartment keys carefully. Loss of keys must be reported immediately and the guest is liable up to the amount of the replacement costs.

Due diligence

We ask our guests to treat all property with due diligence and to take care that the whole party and family members comply with the rental conditions. Please pay particular attention to your children.
The front door should be closed at all times.

Likewise, all windows are to be closed when leaving the apartment in order to prevent possible damage from storm or burglary.
Public utilities water and electricity should be used economically.

Booking cancellation

We hope that you do not have to cancel your visit unexpectedly. If this should happen, however, the following cancellation charges will apply: Booking cancellation

  • more than 2 months free
  • up to 1 month 50%
  • until 14 days 80%

Cancellations must be received before 12:00 noon CET (Central European Time).
If no previous oral or written cancellation has been made, we have to invoice the total amount.


A telephone is not available In the apartment.

Early departure

In case of early departure, no refund will be made.

Intermediate cleaning

If you request intermediate cleaning during your stay, we will be happy to arrange this. Cleaning costs are then billed in accordance with our final cleaning (price per hour).

House Rules / Conditions as of March 2012 Last updated: November 2016